"I think music is the highway through life and I'm just
rockin' and rollin' down the road."

Mike Cullison

Front Porch Philosophyk
Latest Release


West Texas State Mind
Family Man
Dorothy’s Shoes
I Can’t Throw Stones
Little Bit of Trouble
Ain’t Enough Whiskey
The Devil Sitting Next To Me
This Disguise
Just That Little Thing
To God and Back
Big Legged Woman


Mike Cullison- Vocals
Mark Robinson – Acoustic Guitar, Resonator Guitar, Dobro
Dave Isaacs – Mandolin and Acoustic Guitar
Brian Langlinais – Acoustic Guitar
Daniel Seymour – Upright Bass
Pat McInerney – Percussion
Brian Langlinais, Dave Isaacs, Mark Robinson – Backup Vocals


The Barstool Monologues
Mike Cullison and The Regulars
Released 2012

“In the desert there are places of refuge that provide some necessities of life, physical and mental. Hollis welcomes you to The Oasis while you are on your journey. Stop, refresh, and listen— there are others traveling on the same road. Their stories may sound familiar.”


Wish I Didn't Like Whiskey / Mike Cullison
As the Cold Sets In / Tiffany Huggins Grant
Prayin' for Rain / Jon Byrd
Who Turned You Loose / Brain Langlinais
Til I See Her With Him / Davis Raines
Good and Evil / Mark Robinson
Ghost of My Heart / Natalie Langlinais
I Can't Let You Drink Alone / Randy Handley
Just Another Night / Travis Lamb
Barstool Monologue / Mike Cullison


Inside The Oasis, featuring…
The Proprietor, Hollis:
Mike Cullison

The Regulars:
Jon Byrd
Randy Handley
Tiffany Huggins Grant
Travis Lamb
Brian Langlinais
Natalie Langlinais
Davis Raines
Mark Robinson

The Players:
Mark Robinson: electric guitar, dobro
Daniel Seymour: bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin
Justin Amaral: drums and percussion
Randy Handley: keyboards
Michael Webb: accordion
Brian Langlinais: vest frattoir
Ben Graves: harmonica
Mike Daly: steel guitar
Jeremy Garrett: fiddle


Tracks 1-5

Tracks 6-10

Roadhouse Rambler
Released 2011


Blue Neon Heartache
Whiskey Memory
Walkin' Sam
Drinkin' Songs
Red-Headed Woman
Who Turned You Loose


"In the middle of the production work on my upcoming project--well, make that my upcoming passion--'The Barstool Monologues,' a promoter in Scotland contacted me about bookings and asked if I had a new CD to tie to the tour. When I told him about The Barstool Monologues [more on that coming soon] project, but that it wouldn't be done until next year, he encouraged me to to put together a CD especially for the European market. So, as long as we were in the studio, I said, heck yes, let's do it! 'Roadhouse Rambler' was born. And it's just too good not to release it here in the States, too. Why let the Europeans have all the fun?" —Mike Cullison


Producer: Mark Robinson
Associate Producer: Daniel Seymour
Tracking Engineer: Jim Burnett
Additional Engineering: Mark Robinson & Daniel Seymour
Mastered by Paul Mahern
Recorded at Guido’s South Studios

Vocals: Mike Cullison
Drums and Percussion: Justin Amaral
Bass, Acoustic Guitar and Mandolin: Daniel Seymour
Electric Guitar and Dobro: Mark Robinson
Keyboards: Randy Handley
Fiddle: Jeremy Garrett
Steel Guitar: Mike Daly
Accordion: Mike Webb
Harmonica: Ben Graves
Vest Frottoir (Washboard): Brain Langlinais

Blue Collar Tired

Released 2007


Wish I Didn't Like Whiskey
Blue Collar Tired
Waitin' in Your Welfare Line
Pour Hank On the Pain
Going Up the Country
Break My Fall
Hurt That Bad Again
More of the Same
Jealous Sea
Where's Joe Friday
Miss Maggie Rose
This Old Heart
The Grapes of Wrath Are Ripe Again

“Blue Collar Tired is one of the best traditional country CDs I've heard in a while.” —John Harring, Nashville Independent Music


BAC (Big American Car)
Released 2004


Big American Car
Devil I Can't Talk To
Beyond The Madness
Honey Don't
Baby Doll
Come Around To Me
The Hell I'm Raising Now
Who Turned You Loose
Self Inflicted Wound
On The Clock
My Little Feelgood


BAC (Big American Car) features Cullison's rock-a-billy style and also embraces Americana Rock, which he feels is the mainstay of American Music. With the help of Johnny Neel, former Allman Brothers keyboardist and Billy Block, drummer extraordinaire and founder of Western Beat, Cullison has put the car in gear and the pedal to the metal for a rockin' ride!


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